Report internal fraud & corruption

If you have any concerns about internal fraud and corruption including misconduct by employees, contractors or councillors, please:

All reports will be investigated and any information provided will be treated as strictly confidential.

Examples of fraudulent and corrupt activity

Fraudulent or corrupt activity by employees, councillors or any other person representing the Council that should be reported include the following:

  • Illegal behaviour by any representative of the council
  • Risks to health and safety on council property
  • Abuse or misuse of council assets e.g. buildings, vehicles or equipment
  • Waste or uneconomic use of council resources
  • Misuse of council funds by people or businesses, for example in delivering contracts and grants let and awarded by the council

Counter fraud data

Please see below for the data about our counter fraud work which is published annually:

Audit Cotswolds Partnership

West Oxfordshire District Council
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