NEW recycling service changes from October

Our new recycling service has started. You now:

  • have fortnightly recycling collections (food waste will continue to be collected weekly);
  • use a blue-lidded wheelie bin for the majority of their recycling - aerosols, cans, tins, card, cartons, foil, paper, plastic bottles/trays/tubs (we will no longer collect flyaway plastics);
  • use your existing black recycling boxes for glass bottles / jars and unwanted small electrical items. Alternatively, these can be taken to one of our recycling centres.

You can also recycle textiles, shoes, small electrical items, batteries, car batteries, cooking oil and engine oil on your green week. For more details see our household recycling webpage.

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Here’s how your bin collections look:

We'll collect recycling, glass, food and garden waste one week. And your rubbish and food waste the next.







Recycling changes - your questions answered

Why are you swapping to a wheelie bin?

  • For years people have told us they would prefer a wheelie bin for recycling.
  • Bins will last longer so we will not need to replace them as often, which will save taxpayers’ money.
  • Cleaner streets with less litter after recycling collections.

I don't have a new new blue-lidded recycling bin yet – what should I do?

If you’ve already reported this to us, you don’t need to do anything more. We will deliver one.

Over 46,000 bins have been distributed but we are still delivering in some areas. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a bin by your next recycling collection day, you can continue to use your recycling boxes until it arrives.

Report a missed bin delivery by calling 01993 861025. 

I don’t think the bin is big enough. What can I do?

If you flatten cardboard and squash cans, tins and plastics it will create more room. If after all this your bin is still full, excess recycling can be put out in your black boxes (glass must be separated). If you find you continually have excess recycling, please call 01993 861025 or email

What can I do with my unwanted boxes?

These are good for storage in the loft or garden but if you do not want them you can:

  • Drop your boxes into our offices and Town Centre Shop in Witney, or The Guildhall in Chipping Norton.
  • Call 01993 861025 or complete our online form and we will collect.

Recycling boxes in good condition will be reused. Damaged boxes will be recycled.

Why can’t you collect flyaway plastics?

The processing plant does not accept flyaway plastics. However, carrier bags and plastic bags that have contained food items, eg bread and salad, can now be used to line the food waste bin.

Otherwise, flyaway plastics (such as cling film, polythene, plastic film etc) should be put in your grey rubbish bin. These will not be landfilled, but taken to Ardley Energy Recovery Facility.

Why do I need to separate glass?

Glass is abrasive and damages vehicles and recycling equipment. It will be emptied into a different, reinforced compartment on our collection vehicle and recycled separately.

Will my collection time change?

Yes it will. Collections can be at any time during the day from 6am to 4pm. Different vehicles will be used for each bin and they may not arrive at the same time. Please ensure your bins are out before 6am.

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