What happens to your recycling

Black box recycling

All items we collect from your black recycling boxes are taken to a Materials Recycling Facility in Ettington where your recycling is sorted, baled and then sold for reprocessing into new items.

  • Plastics - are recycled into packaging, fleece clothing, outdoor furniture, pipes and many other items. Flyaway plastics are turned into low grade plastic items such as black sacks and carrier bags.
  • Aerosols, tins, cans and foil - are turned into new tins/cans, car parts, aeroplanes and lots of other new metal items.
  • Batteries - have any hazardous elements removed and parts are made into new metals.
  • Cardboard - is made into new cardboard packaging.
  • Paper - is recycled into newspaper and packaging material.
  • Mixed glass (bottles and jars) - can be recycled time and time again into new bottles or jars.
  • Mixed textiles and clothes - are reused around the world; unusable clothes are recycled into dusters etc.
  • Drinks cartons (TetraPaks) - are recycled into the lining for plaster board.

Food waste

All raw and cooked food waste is collected weekly and recycled locally in Oxfordshire.

We collect your food waste every week and take it to an anaerobic digestion plant near Cassington where it is recycled into a liquid fertiliser called 'Digestate'.

  • At the facility any plastic bags/liners are extracted and sent to an Energy Recovery Facility, where they are incinerated and created into energy.
  • After, the food waste is all mixed together and pulped to create a thick liquid which is then pasteurised in tanks at 70 degrees to kill any harmful bacteria.
  • The liquid food waste is then transferred to large tanks where it is continuously stirred for around 100 days.
  • As the food waste breaks down it produces biogas (a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide) which is extracted from the tanks and fed into gas engines to create electricity.
  • The plant uses around 12% of the electricity it produces itself, the rest is fed into the national grid to power over 3,500 homes on a continuous basis.
  • Once the gas has been removed the liquid food waste is now a 100% biological liquid fertiliser which is used on local farmland.
  • The Digestate is high in valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements required for healthy plant growth and fertile soil.
  • For more information on how Digestate is used please see the 'What happens to your food waste' download.

Garden waste

The Garden waste we collect from homes in West Oxfordshire is taken to a composting facility owned by Agrivert at Showell Farm, near Chipping Norton.

  • The green waste is shredded and then turned at regular intervals during the 8–12 week composting process.
  • Any water (leachate) produced is re-applied to the compost during the drier months.
  • At the end of the process contamination is separated from the compost product.
  • The compost is high in valuable nutrients required for fertile soil and is used on local farms.

Can I buy the compost back as a resident?

  • Most of the compost is sold to local farmers but it is possible for residents to buy loose compost back. However, due to the operational scale of the site residents would need a suitable vehicle to collect the compost  (it is not bagged) and have to collect a minimum of 10 tonnes. If you would like further information on this please contact Agrivert directly on 01608 677 700

Other materials from recycling banks

  • Textiles and shoes (from Salvation Army banks) - 99% re-used or recycled and are sent for humanitarian needs, national emergencies and to the company's own shops.
  • Books (from Salvation Army banks) - valuable books are put on Amazon and eBay. Some are sold to professional book people, with the rest sold to companies in the UK who recycle them back to paper.

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