NEW recycling service changes 2017

As our current contract is ending, we’re making some important changes to how your household recycling is collected.

Changes from October

  • Fortnightly recycling collections, instead of weekly.
  • You will be given a blue-lidded wheelie bin for the majority of your recycling – aerosols, card, cartons, foil, paper and plastic bottles / tubs.
  • Glass bottles / jars and unwanted small electrical items (see below) will need to go in separate recycling boxes. Alternatively, these can be taken to one of our recycling centres.

What’s happening and when

When What's happening
July Letter sent to all householders explaining service changes.
Mid July - September Start of new wheelie bin deliveries.
If you haven't received yours by 9 September please contact us.
September Recycling guide and collection calendars sent to all properties.
Please check carefully in case your collection day has changed.
October New service begins. Ubico takes over from Kier (old contractor).

NEW! Small electrical items

Small unwanted electrical items, such as kettles, hairdryers and mobile phones, will be recycled from your home from October. Just pop them one of your empty black boxes on your recycling collection day.

From October here’s how your bin collections will look:

We'll collect recycling, glass, food and garden waste one week. And your rubbish and food waste the next.









You can also recycle textiles, shoes, small electrical items, non-rechargeable batteries, car batteries, cooking oil and engine oil on your green week. Look out for your recycling guide with more information in September.

Recycling changes - your questions answered

Bin and boxes…

What will the new recycling bin look like?

Dark grey with a blue lid. It will hold 240 litres (H:106cm x  W:72cm).

Why do I need to separate glass?

Because glass is abrasive and damages vehicles and recycling equipment. It will be emptied into a different, reinforced compartment on our collection vehicle and recycled separately.

What can I do with my unwanted recycling boxes?

You can use them as you wish about the home, eg keep them for storage, use in the garden etc. (Don’t forget, you will need to put your glass and unwanted small electrical items out in separate recycling boxes).

What if my property isn’t suitable for a recycling wheelie bin?

If you are concerned about storage space, contact us (details below). We will visit and assess the suitability of your property for a wheelie bin.

I don’t want to use the recycling bin. Can you collect it?

Yes, but only if we deem your property to be unsuitable for a wheelie bin or you no longer wish to recycle. You cannot simply choose to continue using your black boxes.

Collection information…

Will my collection day and / or time change?

Possibly. There may be some collection changes because:

  • We’ll be looking at the collection rounds to make them more efficient. Look out for your calendar, due by 22 September, for more information.
  • Different vehicles will be used to collect your waste and recycling. Please ensure your bins and boxes are out by 6am on your collection day. (It should be collected by 4pm).

Why are you swapping to a wheelie bin?

  • Our streets will be cleaner with less litter blown after recycling collections
  • Greater capacity to recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, aerosols, tins, cans and foil as they can all be put together in one bin
  • The wheelie bin will last much longer than the boxes so we will not need to replace them as often, which saves money.

Why are we getting less recycling collections?

Recycling will be collected fortnightly but the shape and size of the wheelie bin (240L) means you can fit in more items than in the boxes. It’s equivalent in space to about 5 recycling boxes. Plus your glass (and any small electrical items) needs to be put in your recycling boxes.

Where can I take my recycling if I don’t want a wheelie bin?

Will I be able to recycle anything else?

Yes! Glass bottles and jars, textiles, shoes, non-rechargeable batteries, small electrical items, cooking oil and engine oil will be collected if left out on your recycling day. Please ensure they’re put out in the following ways:

Items How to recycle
Glass bottles and jars In black recycling box
Small electrical items In black recycling box (separate to glass)
Textiles and shoes In a bag (clear if possible) at side of recycling bin
Cooking oil In a separate, sealed and labelled plastic container (5 litre max) at side of recycling bin
Engine oil In a separate, sealed and labelled plastic container (5 litre max) at side of recycling bin
Batteries (non-rechargeable) In a labelled, used envelope on top of your recycling bin
Car batteries Contact us to arrange free collection

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