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Validation checklist consultation

We are seeking your views on the updated validation checklists, to check if we need to make any additions or amendments to the checklists before they are approved and replace the previous lists.

What is a validation checklist?

A validation checklist details all the information that you are required to submit as part of your planning application. It's important the correct information is submitted to enable a planning officer to consider your application and make a decision on whether or not to grant planning permission.

There is a validation checklist for each application type, for example ‘Householder Planning Permission’, and ‘Full Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent’. When submitting an application, you must refer to the appropriate validation checklist to ensure you submit the correct information with your planning application.

When a planning application is received (Make a planning application), the submitted information is checked against the validation checklist to determine whether the application is valid. If there is incorrect or missing information, the application will be considered invalid. This means that the planning application needs to be resubmitted or amended before it can be considered.

Why are we updating the checklists?

It is important that you have clear information on planning application requirements so that you submit a valid application first time. At present, applications are invalid up to 50 percent of the time and we want to bring this number down.

As a local authority, we are required to review and consult on our validation checklists every two years. Our aim is to make our planning validation checklists easier to use, improve the content and reflect current planning policy and legislation.

How can you have your say?

Site developers, consultants and planning agents - We would appreciate your comments on the technical content, legislative accuracy, phrasing, presentation and application of the full set of validation checklists.

Residents - The Householder Validation Checklist lists the information required for householder planning applications, for example residential extensions or conversions. We would appreciate your views on how easy this validation checklist is to use. You may be interested in looking at the other checklists to understand what information applicants may need to provide for larger scale developments in your community.

Validation checklists

How can you submit your feedback?

This consultation feedback period ended on the 4 August 2022 and is now closed to comments.

What happens next?

We will consider all of the feedback we receive and make any necessary additions or amendments.

The validation checklists will be taken to our Planning Committee for final approval before coming into effect. Please keep an eye on the validation checklist page following the end of this consultation to ensure you are using the latest versions of the checklists.