Freedom of Information (FOI) & Environmental Information charges

We will make no charge for the first £450 worth of Council officer time spent on:

  • Working out whether we hold the information
  • Locating and retrieving it, and
  • Extracting the information (including editing).

Where we estimate that search and collation time will exceed £450 (known as the Appropriate Limit), we will discuss the requirements with the applicant and try to reduce the costs to within that limit. If this is not possible we will consider each request individually and either:

  • Refuse to answer the request, or
  • Apply a charge of £25.75 per hour of officer time to all work we undertake to fulfil the request.

Expenses will be charged based on the following:

  • Reproducing documents - 16p for each A4 sheet
  • Postage and other forms of transmissions eg fax - at cost
  • Additional costs when an applicant requests the information in a particular format - at cost.

When someone requests information that is already listed in our publication scheme, we will usually claim an exemption. However, where people have problems accessing the data we will try to offer assistance. Although we will assess each request individually to take into account factors such as the quantity of information requested or the recipient's location, in general we will make the following charges.

  • Where the information is on the website but the applicant does not have access to a computer we will charge the fees listed in the publication scheme. When they are not listed in the publication scheme we will levy the above charges listed under disbursements.
  • Where the applicant has visual disabilities but can read Braille we will charge the cost of translation and disbursements as above.
  • Where the applicant does not read English and would like a translation we will make a charge as well as fees for disbursements as above.

Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) charges

There is no charge for locating, retrieving or extracting environmental information, or for:

  • Information contained in the public registers we hold
  • Lists of information
  • Examining information at the Council's offices.

The charges for environmental information not covered above essentially cover:

  • Reproducing documents - 16p for each A4 sheet
  • Postage and other forms of transmission eg fax - at cost
  • Staff time - if we need to create information for the purposes of the request (which is outside the EIR) then the charge will be at an hourly rate based on the Council's Annual Budget Book and Charging Policy. The hourly charge is currently £73.46.

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