Unitary & devolution: Latest news

Oxfordshire County Council, South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse council developed a proposal for a single unitary council for Oxfordshire and, following public consultation, they submitted the proposal to government. 

West Oxfordshire, Cherwell and Oxford City Councils also carried out their own consultations and petitions and this included an independent Ipsos MORI poll that found out:

  • 67% of Oxfordshire residents feel local services should continue to be decided at the district/city level, rather than at the county level
  • 82% of residents had little or no understanding of the unitary county council proposals
  • 68% said they did not have sufficient information about how the unitary county council proposals would impact them and their area
  • 73% would like to be informed about the all proposed options and to have a say in the future structure of local government in Oxfordshire
  • 84% said they wanted to know how their household’s council tax would be affected before they agreed or disagreed with the proposals

On top of this, 4,367 people took part in West Oxfordshire District Council online poll of residents’ opinions. Of those who responded, 97% (4,238 people) wanted to see more options to improve and safeguard local services.

Because of the above, West Oxfordshire, Cherwell and Oxford City have sent a document outlining counter-proposals to plans for the creation of a single unitary Oxfordshire council to the new Government.

A decision has not yet been made by Government.

West Oxfordshire District Council
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