Cabinet Forward Plan

Agendas for Cabinet meetings

The agendas for Cabinet meetings are on the meetings, agendas and minutes page five working days before the meeting and include:

  • the further notice needed for any agenda items recommended to be considered in private session
  • matters that are not defined as key decisions - see definition below, where known, to make sure that there's openness about the Cabinet's business and decision making
  • names and responsibilities of the current members of the Cabinet.

Any exceptions to the notice requirements will also be available on this page.

Latest notices of key decisions

The most recent notices of key decision are available:

  • as file downloads on the right hand side of this page (under the title "Cabinet Work Programme"); and
  • at the Council Offices at Woodgreen, Witney.

A likely decision date is shown but for information about a rescheduled decision please:

Definition of key decisions

Key decisions are those which:

  • are financially significant for the service or function concerned so either commits the Council to spending more than £50,000 or would result in savings of greater than £50,000; or
  • will have a significant impact on two or more wards in the District if any of the Head of Paid Service, the Strategic Director (Resources) or the Monitoring Officer consider that the decision will fall within the statutory definition.

Government regulations

Under Government regulations, the Council must:

  • publish a notice containing information about any key Executive/Cabinet decision which is to be taken, 28 clear days before the date of the decision
  • publish a notice 28 clear days in advance of Cabinet or an individual member of Cabinet considering a matter in private session (which is after having passed a resolution to exclude the public on one or more of the statutory grounds for doing so)
  • publish a further notice five clear days before the meeting in question in relation to any private session items.

For further information, please:

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