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Backdating benefit

Normally your application will be assessed and the amount of benefit given is calculated from the Monday after the date of your application.

In some circumstances we understand it may not be possible to apply immediately so we may be able to backdate your application.

Some examples where we may be able to backdate your benefits are:

  • if you were ill and there was no-one to apply for you
  • you were in hospital
  • there was a bereavement in your family
  • you were unable to handle your own affairs

Evidence to support your request

If you can provide evidence to support your application we will be able to process your application more quickly. Examples of evidence are a letter from:

  • your GP to support a medical reason
  • your social worker

We can backdate applications for the following number of months before the request for backdating:

  • a maximum of one month if you are of working age and claiming Housing Benefit
  • a maximum of three months if you are of working age and claiming Council Tax Support
  • a maximum of three months for both benefits if you are a pensioner

When your application has been processed we will write to you to let you know our decision.