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Hedgehog highway scheme

One of the main reasons that hedgehogs are declining in the UK is because fences and walls are becoming more and more secure, reducing the amount of land available to them to forage, hibernate and breed.

West Oxfordshire District Council are encouraging residents across the district to create ‘Hedgehog Highways’ or a network of holes in fences large enough for hedgehogs to travel though. This will begin to remove barriers to hedgehog movement and increase the range of this declining species across urban landscapes.

How to create your Hedgehog Highway:

  • Create a hole in any of your boundary fences – this should ideally be around 13cm x 13cm to allow a hedgehog to pass through. Make a hole by;

    • Cutting or drilling out a hole in a wooden fence.
    • Removing a brick from the bottom of the wall.
    • Digging a channel under your wall, fence or gate.
      The holes are best created next to some vegetation where hedgehogs will feel safest to scuttle through. If you can create a hole on either side of your garden, even better.

If you would like to create a hedgehog hole where you share a garden boundary with a neighbour, please ask their permission first before making any holes.