Get ready for the European Election on 23 May

Unless the UK leaves the EU before, elections are scheduled to take place for the European Parliament on 23 May 2019.

West Oxfordshire District Council is part of the South East Region which elects 10 MEPs.

Keith Butler, our Local Returning Officer, said: "In order to be able to vote, you must be included on the electoral register - anyone not already registered has until midnight on 7 May to apply.

“UK nationals who are already registered do not need to do so again. However, if you have moved house in the past few months you should check that you are registered at your new address."

Poll cards have been posted to all those already registered to vote in West Oxfordshire. If you have not received one, it could mean you are not on the electoral roll and, are therefore, not able to vote on the 23 May.

Register to vote by 7 May

Apply to register online at or contact our elections team for a paper form.

EU citizens

If you’re a citizen of an EU country (other than the UK, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus) resident in the UK, you can either vote in the UK or in your home country.

If you live in West Oxfordshire and want to vote here you must have completed the following steps:

We have sent a voter registration form to all EU citizens already registered to vote in West Oxfordshire. This needs completing and returning. Those not registered will need to register AND return the form.

You cannot vote in West Oxfordshire unless you return that form.

Postal and proxy votes

If you can’t make it to the polling station on 23 May, you can choose to vote by post (deadline for completed applications 5pm on Wednesday 8 May) or by proxy vote (deadline for applications 5pm on Wednesday 15 May). 

Application forms for postal and proxy votes and registration forms for European Union citizens are available from


Students registered to vote at both their home and term-time addresses must choose one place in which to vote. It is an offence to vote more than once at a national-level election.

Polling stations will be open 7am - 10pm on 23 May. The results will be announced on 26 May.

If you are not sure whether you are on our electoral register, please call 01993 861410 to check. Similarly, if you are registered to vote and have recently moved, please contact us to ensure we have a record of your new address.

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