Help shape the future of local health services

The Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OJHOSC) is looking for a resident who has an interest in local health issues to join the committee as a co-opted member.

OJHOSC works to strengthen the voice of local people and improve the health of Oxfordshire residents by ensuring their needs and experiences are considered as an integral part of the purchase, delivery and development of health services.

It does this by examining and scrutinising proposals that change how local NHS services are run. As part of this the committee consults a variety of external bodies.

The committee consists of twelve Councillors from the County, District and City Councils. In addition there are up to three members of the public co-opted onto the committee, usually for a two-year term, to bring expertise and experience from the community and/or to represent specific health-related interests.

Their role is non-party political and advisory, and they are invited to actively contribute in the committee’s discussion, but do not have voting rights.

The OJHOSC meets approximately 5 times a year for about half a day with extra meetings as and when required. Co-opted members are entitled to receive expenses for travel and subsistence.

If you would like to apply to be a co-opted member, you must be able to demonstrate that you have: 

  • A good knowledge of the Oxfordshire health system
  • An awareness of health issues in the local Oxfordshire community and the challenges they currently face 
  • The ability to take a view on how health services affect the whole of Oxfordshire, not just your own community 
  • An understanding of the role of scrutiny and its role in local government and local health services
  • Time to be fully involved in the work of the Committee 

How to apply

You should provide a short covering letter setting out why you wish to be a member of the OJHOSC, your suitability for the role and the contribution you could make to the Committee: 

  • Letter by email to:, or 
  • Letter by post to: Katie Read, Oxfordshire County Council, Chief Executive’s Office, County Hall, New Road Oxford OX1 1ND

If shortlisted you will be invited to attend a short interview with a small group of OJHOSC members.

For more information contact Katie Read on 07584 909530 or Julie Dean on 07393 001089. 

The closing date for applications is Friday 25 August.

West Oxfordshire District Council
New Yatt Road
OX28 1PB