Successful benefit prosecution

A woman from Carterton has been prosecuted for making false representations in connection with her application for social housing.

Jeanette Just, 31, of Black Bourton Road, Carterton pleaded guilty at Oxford Magistrates Court on 23 October 2018.

Miss Just applied for social housing declaring that she was not in rent arrears and gave an email address claiming to be for her landlord in order for the Council to verify her tenancy circumstances.

However, we subsequently discovered that Miss Just had not given us her landlady’s email address, but one that she managed herself.

In addition it was discovered Miss Just was being evicted due to rent arrears of over £7,000.

When applying for social housing a person being evicted due to rent arrears is considered intentionally homeless and therefore their application for social housing would not proceed. The person would instead be offered support to find alternative private accommodation.

Miss Just received a £100 fine and was ordered to pay a contribution of £250 towards our legal costs.

West Oxfordshire District Council
New Yatt Road
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