Water Day prompts decisive action

We recently hosted a Water Day chaired by Cllr David Harvey which saw industry bodies including the Environment Agency and Thames Water coming together with campaign groups such as Windrush Against Sewage Pollution to discuss a range of issues.

A number of commitments were made by the various organisations and also by Robert Courts MP who attended for a substantial part of the event and promised to raise matters with the Secretary of State for the Environment. 

A motion was put forward by Cllrs Alex Postan and Michele Mead at a meeting of the full Council on 24 October asking that all new properties and property improvements be fitted with fat traps and solid screens paid for by the developer in a bid to prevent insoluble solids and fats entering rivers and streams.

The motion has been referred to a development control meeting. 

It was welcomed by Cllr Steve Good, Cabinet Member for the Environment. 

He said: “Our Water Day not only provided some excellent food for thought but has already seen action being taken. 

“Initiatives such as this are very welcome and will make a real difference to helping avoid the pollution of our waterways in the future.” 

Cllr Good added that he would be raising the initiative with John Howell MP, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the River Thames.


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