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Parking permits for work vehicles

We can issue a Parking Waiver or 'workers permit' to allow a vehicle to park in contravention of the Traffic Regulation Order, providing that certain criteria is met: 

  • Workers permits will only be given to vehicles that have been constructed or adapted to carry goods and tools, for example vans
  • You must prove an operational need for the vehicle to be parked in a restricted area while work is carried out
  • You must give full details of the work being carried out and why regular access to the vehicle may be necessary. Access to tools will not be accepted as a valid reason and applications will not be processed.

We can only issue up to two permits per site. Permits will not be issued for convenient parking; the permit must be considered as necessary and essential.

Parking with a workers permit

  • If work is being carried out near any of the time limited parking bays, the permit would allow the vehicle to be parked within these bays for an unrestricted time during a specific period.
  • If there is a no waiting restriction (yellow lines) the vehicle can park as long as it’s not causing an obstruction.
  • The duration of the permit will be at our discretion.

Apply for a workers permit or parking waiver

To apply for a workers permit or parking waiver:

If you are eligible we will contact you to arrange collection of your permit or we will post your permit to the address provided.

Applying for a permit does not guarantee that one will be issued; the information you provide will be assessed and if the application is successful we will contact you by email or telephone. If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice before the permit is issued, you must deal with it separately.

Terms and conditions of the workers permit

Please read and follow the terms and conditions of use:

  • Clearly display the permit in the front windscreen of the kerbside of the vehicle.
  • Park at the location specified on the permit.
  • If your vehicle is seen to be causing a problem, the Civil Enforcement Officer on duty can ask you to move your vehicle to another location.
  • If you refuse or are uncooperative with this request, you may be given a Penalty Charge Notice and your permit cancelled.