Food waste recycling

Order a kitchen caddy or food bin

Please ensure that your food waste bin is put by the kerbside by 6am on your collection day. For legal and safety reasons, bins must be removed from public paths as soon as possible after collection.

All raw and cooked food waste is collected weekly for recycling and can include items such as:

Please contact us for a kitchen caddy or food waste bin

  • fish, meat and bones
  • cooking oil, fat and lard
  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • 'gone off' food
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • pet food
  • plate scrapings

Food waste bins

Householders are supplied with a:

  • a 7 litre kitchen food caddy for leftovers, peelings and any other food waste
  • small outside lidded bin for food waste to be transferred from your kitchen caddy and put out for collection

Most communal bin users empty their kitchen caddy straight into a red communal food waste bin instead of having a separate outside food waste bins. If you do not have a food caddy or a food waste lidded bin at home you can order them for free by:

Using your food waste caddy

You can:

  • put your food waste straight into an unlined caddy and outside bin; or
  • line your caddy with a couple of sheets of newspaper or kitchen roll
  • line your caddy with compostable liners

Compostable liners are removed at the anaerobic digestion plant near Cassington and used to make fuel.

Reducing odours from your kitchen food caddy

To reduce odours from your kitchen food caddy, you can either:

  • put a slightly damp square of kitchen roll into the top of the caddy or
  • order a replacement carbon filter - please visit the Coral products website

Putting food waste to good use

100% of your food waste is recycled locally into:

  • a biological fertilizer for use on local farmland and
  • renewable electricity is generated as a by-product during the process
  • for more information please see: What happens to your recycling

Some food waste, such as peelings, can be composted at home, for more information please see: 

Reducing food waste

Around £12 billion worth of food is wasted by UK households every year. For advice on cutting your food waste please visit:

What happens to your recycling

Details of where different recyclable materials are sent and what they are recycled into.
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Food waste to fertiliser

James Price is one of the local farmers who has seen the benefits of food waste recycling first hand
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Home composting

Transform your kitchen and garden waste into a free, nutrient rich food for your garden
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Recycling service changes 2017

Changes include a wheelie bin for recycling and chargeable garden waste collections
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Love Food Hate Waste

Around £12 billion worth of food is wasted by UK households every year. Advice on cutting your food waste...
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