Community led plan

A community led plan is developed by the local community through consultation with its residents to identify issues and priorities for the local area. The plan will set out a vision for the community and identifies what needs to be done to achieve the vision.

Here are some of the reasons why local communities might want to start a community led plan:

  • help to improve the local area for local residents
  • influence decision making bodies to work with the community to take positive actions
  • identify opportunities for new projects
  • help develop evidence for grant funding applications to support local projects

Community planning support and resources

The following support and resources are available for communities that want to create a community led plan:

Community First Oxfordshire which was Oxfordshire Rural Community Council

They work across the County to support rural communities wanting to start a Community Led Plan. If you are interested in developing a plan for your community, please:

West Oxfordshire District Council
New Yatt Road
OX28 1PB