Council Tax bands & appeals

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA), not the Council, allocates every property one of eight bands based on its value on 1 April 1991. Even if you live in a new property the VOA will work out the band based on what the property value would have been in 1991.

Find your property's Council Tax band and annual charge:

  • Type your house number and street or postcode in the 'Postcode search' box and click Go
  • Find your address in the list and click the Select your address button
  • Your house's Council Tax band and annual charge will be displayed in the box.
Council Tax BandProperty Value
A Up to £40,000
B £40,001 to £52,000
C £52,001 to £68,000
D £68,001 to £88,000
E £88,001 to £120,000
F £120,001 to £160,000
G £160,001 to £320,000
H Over £320,000

Long term empty properties

These are properties which are unoccupied and unfurnished for 6 months or more. No discount is awarded. Where a property has remained unoccupied and unfurnished for 24 months or more an extra 50% premium will be added to the charge.

Appealing your Council Tax banding

You may be able to appeal your Council Tax band. For more information contact the Valuation Office:

  • Valuation Office Agency website
  • call: 03000 501501
  • write to: The Valuation Office Agency, 4400 Nash Court, Oxfordshire Business Park South, Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2RU.

If you appeal against your banding you must continue paying your Council Tax until a decision has been made.

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