Leading a sustainable lifestyle

You can find out the impact you have on the environment by:

At home

There are lots of things you can do at home to be more sustainable from improving the energy efficiency of your house or reducing food waste in the kitchen to setting up a home compost bin in your garden or using public transport instead of the car. Please click the links on the right hand side for more information on leading a sustainable lifestyle.

In your community

Many local community groups help to tackle global issues with local action and are always looking for new members:

At work

We believe that being more environmentally friendly in the workplace can make a difference. Below are some of the things we have been doing which are saving energy and money:

  • Recycling office waste - paper, card, plastics and glass*
  • Turning off lights and electrical equipment when they are not in use for example when out of the office at meetings or lunch breaks
  • Monitoring our energy use in our major buildings
  • Using new energy saving technologies such as swimming pool covers and variable speed drive to reduce our energy use
  • Installing energy saving lighting
  • Using 'save a flush' devices in office toilets
  • Saving water by reducing the frequency of washing council vehicles and equipment
  • Working with our waste and recycling contractors to reduce their fuel consumption.

To find out more about office recycling see:

Our newest council office, Elmfield, has many green credentials including:

  • Solar panels on the roof
  • Collecting rainwater in water butts for re-use in toilet systems
  • Taps that turn off automatically.

Travelling to and from work

We have introduced schemes to help staff and councillors reduce carbon emissions, such as:

  • A carshare database for people to share lifts to and from work
  • Having local bus timetables available at our offices and also publicising the Traveline website
  • Encouraging people to walk or cycle where possible - cycle parking is available at our offices

For more about our work travel scheme see our:

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