Reducing our carbon emissions

We are committed to putting sustainability at the heart of our business and services and looking at social, economic and environmental issues together. To do this we have done the following

Low Carbon and Environmental Plan

Our Low Carbon and Environmental Plan sets out how we will reduce our own environmental impact and will influence and support positive change across the district.

Commitment to reducing our carbon footprint

We are committed to tackling climate change and reducing our own 'carbon footprint' so we have agreed to the Climate Local Oxfordshire.

For more details on our environmental strategies and policies, please contact us using the link below.

Local climate impacts report

Changes in the climate and weather are likely to have a major impact on our services, residents and surroundings. The 2007 floods are a poignant reminder of this fact.

We have studied the weather events that occurred in West Oxfordshire from 2001-2008 and their impact on our services, our response at the time and any changes that have been made to make the service more resilient in the future. For more information see:

You can download a copy of an emergency planning booklet which helps you to prepare for a range of emergencies including flooding:

Plan to improve energy efficiency in the district

West Oxfordshire's first Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) report details our plans to improve energy efficiency in the district - please see:

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We are working to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our own buildings and operations. This includes emissions from the offices and corporate buildings, leisure centres, business mileage and fleet of vehicles including the waste and recycling trucks.

The Greenhouse gas emissions report sets out the following:

  • where the emissions come from
  • savings and increases in certain areas
  • what we have been doing to save energy and fuel.

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