Pest control

Pest control for both household and commercial properties

All survey visits will take place Monday to Fridays and we can offer slots in the morning or afternoon dependent on your area.

We provide competitive rates for dealing with most pests.

All treatments are carried out as humanely as possible, using approved products. 

To book a pest control appointment, please call 01993 861000. 


Survey and treatment fees must be paid for in advance. If no treatment is necessary we will refund the treatment cost.

Household fees (including VAT)

PestCostOther information
Rats, mice £61.30 per course of treatment or £20 if you receive benefits The price includes an initial survey/treatment and a further 2 vsitis for treatment where necessary.
Wasps £58.87 per visit Other wasps nests treated during visit only £29.25 each
Other insects such as cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, cluster flies etc £77.17 for first treatment Follow up visits within a set timeframe, including treatment £41.15
Pest control survey £20.40 Aborted visits - see charges below

Commercial premises fees (including VAT)

All commercial fees are quoted on an individual basis.  Please contact our Customer Services team who will arrange for a technician to attend the site and provide a competitive quote

Aborted visits charge 

If a visit is booked, but you are absent at the agreed time and the treatment cannot go ahead, then you will be charged a fee:

  • £20.40 for residential premises
  • £49.07 for commercial and farm premises.


Bees are not classified as pests, as they are important in the pollination of fruit and flowers. They should not be destroyed, unless they are in a location that is causing a danger to humans or pets. Further information can be obtained from:

Please be aware that treatments booked for wasps, when the problem is actually bees, will be fully charged.

Preventing pest problems

There are actions you can take to prevent pests from becoming a problem. Do not feed pigeons in public places. Any food not eaten is likely to attract rats and you may be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 for littering.

Further information on pest control

We can serve notice on the owners/occupiers of rat-infested land requiring that they get rid of the infestation.

If you are a food business or require pest control for squirrels, deer, foxes, rabbits, moles or birds please see the 'pest and vermin control' section of the Yellow Pages.

For information on badgers, contact the RSPCA on 0870 5555999.

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