Flood reports & reviews

Please click to download any of the following documents about flooding in West Oxfordshire:

Environment Agency: flood reviews 2007

The Environment Agency has investigated options to improve the level of flood protection and have produced the following reports. These reports outline the extent of the floods, record the damage and document the response. Opportunities for any improvements that could reduce flood risk for local residents and businesses will be investigated.

Contains Environment Agency information © Environment Agency and database right.

Parish / town flood reports

These have been prepared by qualified engineers in consultation with key external agencies. The latest versions are available below. Copies can also be viewed at the relevant Parish/ Town Council.

To try and reduce file sizes on the web, the reports have been divided into the main report and the maps and glossary. Both documents should be read together for each Parish or Town.

Please note that some of these files are large and are best not downloaded if you have 'dial-up' or slow internet access.

If you have any general questions please contact your Parish / Town Council. If you have any specific questions relating to the activities please contact the relevant agency using the contact details provided at the top of the chart in each report.

Download parish / town flood reports



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