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Apply now for affordable homes for rent at Hanborough Gate 

Seven new homes are available for rent at this development by Blenheim Estate Homes on the western side of Long Hanborough. 

Property details:

  • One bedroom properties (four available) with garden and parking space at £131.54 per week
  • Two bedroom properties (three available) with garden and two-car parking at £173.10 per week
  • Unfurnished with cookers and flooring provided
  • One property will be allocated to a key worker

Costing 60% of the normal market rate, priority will be given to people with a local connection and those with an assessed need for housing. 

Applications for previous properties will not be carried forward therefore anyone interested will need to reapply.

To register your interest:

STEP 1: Although these houses will not appear on Homeseeker Plus, you need to be registered with the scheme before you can register your interest in these new homes – see below OR  

STEP 2: Download and complete our:

The Housing Options team will then assess your application and you may then be contacted to provide further evidence to support your application.

The closing date for applications is 03 January 2020.

If you do not have internet access please call our customer services team on 01993 861000.

Homeseeker Plus

Homeseeker Plus is a new choice based letting scheme for West Oxfordshire. It allows anyone on our housing register to apply for housing association properties anywhere in the District themselves.

Prospective and existing tenants are banded according to their individual needs, in line with our housing policy, and can register an interest - known as ‘bidding’ - for the properties suited to their circumstances.

Available housing association properties will be listed online on Wednesdays and those registered can bid for a property anytime up until midnight on the following Tuesday.

Register now for Homeseeker Plus

Even if you were on the housing waiting or transfer list, you need to register to take part in the scheme:

  • It takes about 30 minutes to register
  • You may be asked to provide more information before your registration can be completed
  • Your registration form will be acknowledged within 10 working days
  • Registering for this scheme does not guarantee that you will be offered housing

Register for Homeseeker Plus

If you do not have internet access please call our housing team on 01993 861010.

Assessment and banding

Once registered, your application will be assessed and you will be placed in one of three bands:

Bronze You want a new home but can wait
Silver      You are threatened with homelessness or are overcrowded, lacking one bedroom or have significant health issues
Gold You have been accepted as statutorily homeless by the District Council, have an urgent medical need or are downsizing from a family-sized housing association property to a smaller home

Depending on your circumstances, some of these bands will be time limited.

We will let you know what band you are in and why and what size home you can bid for. This assessment will be in line with our housing policy.

You will also be sent more information about how to use the Homeseeker Plus website.

Bidding for homes you like

There is no money involved in bidding. You are just expressing an interest in a property.

All available housing association properties in West Oxfordshire will be advertised online weekly and you can bid for a property anytime during that week.

Property details will include the number of bedrooms, rent amount, who the landlord is, and if any restrictions apply, for example, if you need a local connection to a specific area.

You can only bid for properties where you match what the advert asks for so, for example, if a minimum age is given and you are below this age you will not be able to bid.

You can bid for up to three homes each week.

Bid for properties on Homeseeker Plus

Selecting who gets the property

After the bidding cycle closes, the shortlist will be reviewed and the property will be allocated to one of the applicants. This will be based on:

  • Their eligibility for the property
  • Their band
  • How long they have been waiting for a property

If your bid is successful

The housing association will contact you to discuss the property and arrange when you can go and view it. You can decide to accept or refuse the offer when you view the property.

If you refuse three properties then your application may be suspended.

NOTE: We will not contact you if your bid is unsuccessful.

Your housing application

You will be able to view the outcome of any bids you make on the Homeseekers Plus website.

General feedback on homes that have been let will be published, including the number of bids received on each property, the band of the successful applicant and how long they have waited for a property.

You may find this information helpful when deciding which homes to bid for in the future as it can give you a good idea of how popular a particular property or area is, or if you are likely to have a successful bid or if you should consider other housing options instead.

Disagree with a decision?

If you disagree with a decision we have made about your application, banding or the suitability of a property you have been nominated for, you can ask our housing team for a review. If you're still not satisfied, please follow the formal review process given on the Homeseeker Plus website.


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