Strategic housing and economic land availability assessment (SHELAA)

As part of the evidence base to support the Local Plan, the Council has to prepare a strategic housing and economic land availability assessment (SHELAA) which assesses the potential suitability of land within the District for housing and economic development.

Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) 2016

The Council’s updated SHELAA was published in December 2016 in support of the proposed changes to the Local Plan.

The SHELAA considers the development potential of sites across the District for both housing and economic development. This includes sites previously known to the Council, additional sites that have been submitted to the Council through the 'call for sites' and sites identified by the Council itself.

For further information about the SHELAA assessment, the findings and methodology please:  

Call for possible development sites

A key part of the new SHELAA process is a ‘call’ for potential development sites. We asked for potential sites in January 2016 with a deadline of 26 February 2016. A large number of sites were submitted before or shortly after this date and will be assessed as part of the 2016 SHELAA.

We can still accept site submissions on a rolling basis but these will be assessed as part of future SHELAA updates, not the 2016 assessment.

We are interested in sites that may be suitable for housing, travelling communities and also commercial development such as employment and retail.

If you would like to suggest a site for consideration, please fill in the site submission form below, which needs the following basic information:

  • a map showing the site boundary
  • any information about land ownership
  • any details that you think may be relevant to the assessment of the site
  • a proposed mix of uses
  • Site submission form

Previous land availability assessments

The Council's most recent SHLAA was published in July 2014 and considered potential housing sites in the District's main towns, rural service centres and larger villages. To view the main SHLAA report and supporting appendix please download the following:

For details of previous SHLAA reports and methodology please view the following documents:

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