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Food waste caddy

We collect food waste every week from all households in West Oxfordshire. It's taken to Cassington where it is recycled into electricity and fertiliser for use on local land.

You should have two food waste bins:

  • a seven litre caddy to keep in your kitchen
  • a 23 litre outdoor lidded food waste bin to put out by 6 am on collection day

You don't need to line your caddy, but if you do you can use plastic bags, compostable liners, newspaper or kitchen roll.

What goes in your food waste bin

Put the following in your food waste caddy:

  • all food, cooked and raw
  • cooking oil, fat and lard
  • meat and fish bones
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • pet food

What not to put in your food waste bin

Do not put any of these items in your food waste bin:

  • black bin bags
  • packaged food eg punnets of fruit or packs of bacon
  • any household recycling
  • any household, DIY or hazardous waste
  • dog waste, cat litter or dead animals