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Climate action you can take

If you are considering what actions you can take to reduce your environmental impact, there are lots of things you can do. Friends of the Earth offer advice on how to switch to a greener lifestyle and  WWF offer tips on sustainable living.

Calculate your carbon footprint

You can take the sustainable living quiz developed by the WWF to test how large your carbon footprint is and get some tips on how to reduce it.

Reduce your waste

Every time you buy or use a product, for example clothing, electrical goods, food, water, household items, there will be an environmental footprint associated with it.

To reduce the environmental impact:

  • consider if you really need it
  • buy items that are made to last, have low-energy ratings and are sustainably sourced or manufactured
  • try and reuse or recycle items
  • donate extra food to your local food bank so it does not go to waste
  • get rid of your food waste with our food waste recycling scheme

Save water

Go to Waterwise for tips on how to save water at home.

Travel sustainably

Where possible use public transport, walk or cycle. If you need to drive then try Oxfordshire Liftshare which offers a car sharing matching service.

Switch to an electric vehicle. You can use the West Oxfordshire ZapMap to locate public electric charging points across the District. We are installing Electric Vehicle Charging Points to help increase the use of electric vehicles across the District.

Protect and enhance wildlife

The Local Wildlife Trust has details of where your nearest nature reserve is.

To help attract wildlife to your garden visit the RSPB website or the Wildlife trust website.

We support two local nature conservation projects which are looking for volunteers:

  • the Wychwood Project runs habitat creation projects, biodiversity and ecological enhancement and land management
  • the Lower Windrush Valley Project was established in 2001 to protect and enhance the biodiversity within the Lower Windrush Valley