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Our route to carbon neutral

We have made a commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030. It is a leading priority within our framework for Climate Action in West Oxfordshire. We will set an example of good practice and hope to influence partners and stakeholders by implementing raised standards and sharing the lessons learned.

To achieve our aim we are developing a Carbon Action Plan in partnership to agree the next steps and projects required in the short, medium and longer term. 

Climate Action Network

The Climate Action Network will bring together everyone sharing and taking ownership of our aim. Key officers for council operations have been identified covering a range of areas including Assets, Contracts, Finance and Technology.

The Energy Hierarchy

The energy hierarchy refers to the steps we will take to reduce our carbon emissions, based on an order of priorities:

  1. Reduce our energy demand
  2. Supply energy efficiently
  3. Supply our remaining energy demand through low-carbon and renewable energy technologies

We will reduce energy and fuel demand in the interests of minimising our dependence on natural resources. The more we can reduce our demand over time, the less energy we need to find. The next step is to supply what energy is required, in an efficient way and through low- and zero-carbon technology. These two steps, in combination, can make a significant impact on demand and carbon-emissions reduction. The proportion of renewable energy then required to offset our remaining carbon emissions will be lower. 

We will develop the Carbon Action Plan by adopting principles of the energy hierarchy as a consistent theme. A final document will be prepared and put forward to Full Council for approval in July 2020.