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Garden waste bin

Christmas tree recycling

Garden waste customers can put out real Christmas trees, holly, ivy and mistletoe with their garden waste bins when the services resumes on 18 January 2021. Please remove any decorations, pots, wires. Trees over 4ft must be cut into smaller pieces.

For residents without a garden waste licence you can take your Christmas tree to one of these collection points:

  • Black Bourton Road Car Park, Carterton on Saturday 16 January between 9am and 11am
  • New Street Car Park, Chipping Norton on Saturday 16 January between 1pm and 3pm
  • Witan Way, Car Park G, Witney on Sunday 17 January between 9am and 11am

Garden waste licence

To get a green bin for garden waste you will need a licence. The service runs from 1 April to 31 March. The garden waste bin is a black wheelie bin with a green or black lid.

We collect garden waste every two weeks on the same day as your recycling.

We have now stopped taking payments for the 2020 to 2021 garden waste service. Residents will be able to buy their licence for 2021 to 2022 online from the end of February 2021.

Register for garden waste collection

What goes in your green bin

We will collect:

  • bark and wood shavings

  • grass cuttings, hedge clippings and prunings

  • hay and straw from animal bedding of vegetarian pets, for example, rabbits, guinea pigs

  • leaves and plant material

  • wood ash

  • shrubs, flowers and houseplants

  • soil bound roots

  • tree trunks, twigs and branches up to 15 cm in diameter

  • weeds (non-invasive)

  • wind fallen fruit from a garden fruit tree

  • Christmas trees cut into 30cm sections and put inside bin

What not to put in your green bin

Do not put any of the following in your green bin:

  • anything plastic including plant pots, bags, bottles or trays
  • compost bags
  • cat litter, dog waste, dead animals
  • food waste (raw or cooked) including fruit, salad or vegetable peelings
  • household rubbish, DIY or hazardous waste
  • invasive weeds (eg Japanese Knotweed, Ragwort etc)
  • paper and cardboard
  • polystyrene
  • soil, turf, stone and rubble
  • timber, laminate and chipboard

Compost bins and water butts

The Recycle Now website has information on setting up a compost bin and using compost. 

We have teamed up with Get Composting to offer West Oxfordshire residents home composters and water butts at a discount.