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Planning application supporting information

You may need to submit extra information with your planning application. This is known as validation criteria.  If you do not submit all the correct information with your application it will take longer for you to get permission.

You will need to check the list of requirements for the type of project you are doing. Details on what to submit for a householder application are available from the planning portal. Our requirements are available in the householder validation checklist.

  • are Ordnance Survey based, at a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500 up-to-date, with north marked and must cover a large enough area to enable the location to be easily found
  • have a red outline around the boundary of your house including any garden
  • have a blue outline around any other land you own (that is not your house or garden)

There is a checklist available for full planning applications and you will need to submit a sustainable construction statement.

Validation requirements for different types of planning application

Application forms for different consent types are available on the planning portal. Validation criteria for types of work not listed that need prior approval are included in the application form, for example, change of use, householder extension.

Change or approval of conditions added to a planning proposal

You may get planning permission but with conditions attached. You will either need to:

  • apply for approval of the conditions
  • apply to remove or vary the conditions

Consent for adverts

For some adverts you will need to get consent. The validation checklist tells you what additional information you will need to include with your application.

Lawful development certificate

You can apply for a lawful development certificate when you do not need planning permission to prove that your development is legal.

Check what extra information you need to submit to get a lawful development certificate.

Listed building consent

Outline planning permission with reserved matters

Outline planning permission gives agreement for how a site could be developed. The permission is given as long as an application for approval of certain conditions, called Reserved Matters, is submitted.

Prior approval

You may need to let us know about work that does not need planning permission by applying for prior approval. You will not be able to start the work until we have agreed.

The following validation checklists for prior notification are available:

Waste and recycling guidance for developers

In order for waste facilities to be successfully incorporated in any development they should be fully considered in the planning stages of that development. 

Biodiversity guidance

The Local Plan requires all major applications to demonstrate biodiversity net gain by using a biodiversity impact assessment calculator.  This may also be relevant to some minor applications. The guidance should be followed by planning applicants and their ecological consultants who are working on development projects within West Oxfordshire.

 Developments near footpaths and bridleways

Your proposed development may require a footpath, bridleway or restricted byway to be stopped up or diverted to allow the development to take place. If planning permission has been granted or will be granted then you need to complete the application form to stop up or divert a footpath or bridleway.