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Recycling: blue lidded bin and black box

Recycling bin and box

You should have a blue lidded wheelie bin and a black box to put your recycling in.

Your recycling is collected every two weeks. Please make sure your bin is out by 6am on the day of collection.

You can download and keep a guide to our recycling service.

If you have put non-recyclable items in your bin, the crew will leave a sticker on the bin. You will need to remove them before your next collection. Crews are unable to return for bins containing non recyclable items.

You can use the postcode search tool to find out what you can recycle and where to take different items.

What you can recycle and where to put it

These headings have more information on what you can put in your recycling boxes for us to collect.

Paper, card, tins and plastics: blue lidded wheelie bin

In your blue lidded bin you can recycle:

  • paper, shredded paper, newspapers, magazines and junk mail
  • cardboard and cards (excess cardboard can be left by the side of your recycling bin if broken down to A3 size)
  • tins and cans
  • clean aluminium foil
  • plastic pots, tubs and food trays
  • plastic bottles, bottle tops and trigger sprays
  • empty aerosols, but not spray paint
  • cartons and Tetra Pak

Make sure items are clean, dry and not bagged.

We cannot collect any of the following in your recycling bin:

  • bubble wrap and clingfilm
  • crisp packets and sweet wrappers
  • plastic bags
  • plant pots
  • tissue paper
  • glittery cards
  • hard plastics, for example, toys
  • foil lined plastic pouches
  • food waste 

Extra recycling or cardboard

We will collect any extra recycling (except glass and cardboard) in a clear plastic bag that has been left next to your bin.

If you have extra cardboard this can be left loose next to your bin on your collection day. Make sure it is broken down, flattened and no more than a recycling box could hold. If you have more cardboard than the size of a recycling box then please put it in your blue-lidded bin over a few weeks.


Glass: black box

You can recycle glass bottles and jars in your recycling box.

Please do not recycle broken glass, glasses and tumblers, sheet glass, light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Standard light bulbs can go in your general waste bin, everything else should be taken to a recycling centre. 


Put household batteries in an old envelope/plastic bag and leave it on top of your recycling wheelie bin. 

Car or motorbike batteries can be taken to household recycling centres or a scrap yard for disposal.

Small electrical items

Any smaller items (such as kettles, irons, personal grooming appliances, mobiles, handheld tools) that have a plug, batteries or needs charging can be put in your black recycling box.

Please keep separate from any glass.

Due to their small size, please recycle single-use vapes/e-cigarettes by putting out in an old envelope/plastic bag and leave this on top of your recycling wheeled bin.

We cannot collect tv screens or computer monitors or larger electrical or electronic items.

Textiles and shoes

Put textiles in a carrier bag next to your recycling wheelie bin.

We will collect shoes, slippers, clothes, blankets, towels, bed sheets and curtains.

We cannot collect rugs, duvets, pillows and carpets.