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Glass: black box

Recycling blue lidded bin and black box

What to put in your blue lidded bin and black box, recycle glass, plastics, tins, paper and card

Paper, card, tins and plastics: blue lidded wheelie bin

Reduce and reuse your waste

Textiles and shoes

Small electrical items

Recycling banks and centres

Find out where to take rubbish that we don't collect, how to recycle large items

General waste grey or black wheelie bin

What goes in your grey or black general waste bin and what you can recycle

What not to put in your green bin

Garden waste bin

How to apply for a garden waste licence, includes timescales and costs

Getting rid of large items

How to book a bulky waste collections, charges and what we will collect

Request bins and recycling containers

Request a new bin or recycling container if yours has been lost, damaged or you have recently moved into the area

Voluntary and community organisations

Volunteering opportunities and local environmental community groups

Climate action you can take

What you can do to make a difference

Food waste caddy

What you can put in your food waste bin and how often we collect it

What happens to your recycling

Private property and open space maintenance services

Cleaning and maintenance services we provide, call us for a quote

Hedgehog highway scheme

What to put in your bin

What to do with food waste, plastics, tins, glass, garden waste and rubbish which cannot be recycled