Respond to our survey about the budget strategy for 2018 -2019

We are preparing our annual budget for 2018/19 and Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) up to 2027/28. We are asking for comments from local residents and businesses about the budget strategy which will be considered at the Council meeting in February 2018.

Please respond by 5pm on Friday 19 January 2018. You can provide feedback by:

  • filling in the online budget 2018/2019 consultation survey or
  • sending written comments to: Mrs Jenny Poole, Chief Finance Officer at West Oxfordshire District Council, Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney, Oxon, OX28 1PB

The budget strategy 2018/19

After five years of Council Tax freezes, we increased Council Tax by £5 per year from April 2016. The Council needed to address significant funding cuts and faced difficult choices between Council Tax / Fees and Charges rises or service cuts in the years ahead.

We are facing several significant financial pressures over the next year with reductions in government funding of in excess of £0.25m and increasing waste and recycling costs of £0.6m. The Council therefore plans to increase council tax by £5 in 2018/19.

The financial outlook over the longer term has improved as savings from a new leisure contract and extending shared services through our service providing company Publica are due to be delivered.

Accessing our leisure facilities

We own a number of leisure centres, sports halls, gyms and swimming pools in the District and are looking to identify any potential barriers that discourage people from using them.

We want to find out:

  • Any access restrictions that you encounter as a user - for example is the location of a particular resource awkward for you to access?
  • What puts you off using our leisure facilities - for example do you feel we're lacking specialist equipment that could help you?
  • How we can improve?

We are constantly working to make our leisure facilities accessible to everyone. Your feedback will help shape any future development.

Comment about leisure facilities

Commenting on a planning application

To find out how you can do this follow the link below: 

West Oxfordshire District Council
New Yatt Road
OX28 1PB