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As part of our commitment to delivering the best services possible, we regularly consult with the community on a wide range of proposals and plans. We do this in a number of different ways, including the use of paper questionnaires, electronic consultation and public meetings.

Accessing our leisure facilities

We own a number of leisure centres, sports halls, gyms and swimming pools in the district and we are looking to find out about any potential barriers that discourage people from using them. We want to find out about:

  • Any access restrictions that you encounter as a user, for example is the location of a particular activity awkward for you to access?
  • What puts you off using our leisure facilities? For example do you feel we're lacking specialist equipment that could help you?
  • How we can improve?

We are constantly working to make our leisure facilities accessible to everyone. Your feedback will help shape any future development.

Take part in our leisure centre survey

Planning applications

Comment on a planning application