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Council Plan 2020 to 2024

The West Oxfordshire Council Plan 2020 to 2024 sets out our key priorities and areas which require particular focus. It shows how we intend to achieve our ambitions for supporting local communities and the delivery of local services.

Our vision is to support West Oxfordshire to be fit for the future through delivery of the following priorities.

  1. Climate Action: Leading the way in protecting and enhancing the environment by taking action locally on climate change and biodiversity
  2. Healthy Towns and Villages: Facilitating healthy lifestyles and better wellbeing for everyone
  3. A Vibrant District Economy: Securing future economic success through supporting existing local businesses and attracting new businesses to deliver the economic ambitions of the Local Industrial Strategy
  4. Strong Local Communities: Supporting and building prosperous and inclusive local communities
  5. Meeting the Housing Needs of our Changing Population: Securing the provision of market and affordable housing of a high quality for a wide range of house holders making their home in West Oxfordshire
  6. Modern Council Services and Sustainable Finance: Delivering excellent modern services whilst ensuring the financial sustainability of the Council

Progress towards the first year of delivery of the priorities has been presented in the Annual Statement of the West Oxfordshire Council Plan 2020 to 21 and the Annual Monitoring Report 2020 to 21.

Covid Recovery Plan

In June 2020 we prepared a Local Recovery Plan to complement the delivery of the Council Plan 2020-24 through the Covid-19 Recovery Themes of Economy, Community, Climate and Council, Service Delivery and Finance. These are closely aligned with the six Council Plan priorities to ensure that actions prioritised as part of the Covid recovery will also positively contribute to the achievement of the Council Plan.