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Our plan for West Oxfordshire

We have produced an ambitious Council Plan which sets out our commitment to you as residents of West Oxfordshire and the issues that we seek to take action on between 2023 to 2027.

This is your council as local residents and this plan was developed following consultation with residents, Town and Parish Councils and local organisations in Summer 2022, asking you what you thought we should focus our efforts on over the coming years. Your voice counts and the feedback we received has directly shaped this plan and made sure it is focussed on what matters to you as residents and businesses of West Oxfordshire. We are committed to taking action on the issues that are important to our residents, local businesses and other organisations that play a part in making West Oxfordshire a great place to live.

This plan looks to the future of our district and we have set a vision for the future of West Oxfordshire which is:

“Shaping West Oxfordshire as a District which offers a fulfilling and meaningful quality of life for our residents with opportunities for all to flourish. A thriving and prosperous place for entrepreneurs and businesses, where local people and visitors can enjoy the beauty and heritage of our landscape, built, farmed and natural environment.”

To achieve this we have five priorities, of equal importance, which will guide the work we do:

  1. Putting Residents First 
  2. Enabling a Good Quality of Life for All 
  3. Creating a Better Environment for People and Wildlife 
  4. Responding to the Climate and Ecological Emergency 
  5. Working Together for West Oxfordshire

You can read the full plan below which sets out the areas of focus for action under each of these priorities. Among many others this includes:

  • Making the council more transparent and more engaged with communities 
  • Improving the 50+ services we deliver
  • Tackling the climate emergency by reducing our carbon footprint, planning for a net-zero carbon future and encouraging retrofit of existing buildings
  • Protecting our environment by increasing biodiversity, reducing pollution and supporting environmentally sustainable farming
  • Helping our local economy to grow, providing more jobs for local people
  • Tackling the national housing crisis by delivering more affordable housing
  • Working more closely with local communities and our town and parish councils to support residents and our young people
See our plan for West Oxfordshire 2023 to 2027

We will be reporting progress on each of the priorities in public meetings throughout the four year period of the plan so you can see how our ambitions for the District are being realised.

If you have any questions about the plan please contact an Executive Member or the Council Leader.