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Local development framework

The Local Development Framework (LDF) is a set of spatial planning strategy documents which will guide future development in West Oxfordshire. It includes the Local Plan.

We have developed a timetable for preparing the local plan and other documents under the Local Development Framework. This is known as the Local Development Scheme (LDS) and was most recently updated in October 2022. 

The statement of community involvement sets out what we are doing to engage and consult with residents and businesses. An amendment was agreed in June 2020 due to Covid-19 making it difficult to have hard copy documents available for inspection.

Housing Land Supply Position Statement 

Our housing land supply position statement explains which new housing sites are expected to come forward in the five year period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2027, and how this compares to the required number of homes. It demonstrates that we are currently able to demonstrate a 4.1 year supply of deliverable housing sites.

Oxfordshire Plan 2050

As part of the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal agreement with the Government, the six Oxfordshire authorities have committed to producing a joint statutory spatial plan, known as the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

The plan will relate to a broad range of social, environmental and economic issues affecting the county up to 2050.

More information can be found on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 website.

They have recently launched Oxfordshire Open Thought to ask residents if the changes they’ve made during lockdown could create a better future.

Strategic housing and economic land availability assessment

We have to prepare a strategic housing and economic land availability assessment (SHELAA) which assesses the potential suitability of land within the district for housing and economic development.

Our most recent SHELAA was published in December 2016 in support of the proposed changes to the Local Plan.

This included sites that were submitted to us through the ‘Call for Sites’ and sites identified by us.

Previous reports are also available to download.